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DJ Hire Package 1

This DJ Package Includes: A Professional Mobile DJ for 4 hours Numark Professional CDN450 Dual CD Player Numark C1 Professional.....

DJ Hire Package 2

This Package Includes: A Professional Mobile DJ for 5 hours Numark Professional CDN450 Dual CD Player Numark C1 Professional 3.....

DJ Hire Package 3

This Package Includes: A Professional Mobile DJ for 6 hours Numark Professional CDN450 Dual CD Player Numark C1 Professional 3.....

Mobile DJ Hire

Our DJ Hire Packages provide the full disco party service by offering an experienced DJ with quality equipment, including the lighting, the sound and as much music as you could ever want. Our mobile DJ’s are some of the best at what they do in the London and Essex area, and have extensive experience in creating the fantastic party atmosphere you need. The packages vary in size depending on the venue and the type of occasion and all include lighting and other effects, to give the complete experience you’d expect from booking a DJ. Once booked you will be assigned a DJ who you can contact directly to discuss particulars of your party, the music you like and any other additions to make your event as special as possible. The package price shown includes the cost of the DJ and equipment for 4 hours, with an option to increase the length of time if needed. Delivery rates still apply which start from as low as £20.


Why Hire a DJ?

So why should you hire a DJ? It may be an additional cost, but could it give that extra piece of mind? A good DJ can turn an ordinary party in to an extraordinary special occasion; it’s not just about playing music or announcing a track! Modern DJ’ing has become an art form, and requires the ability not only to mix two tracks together, but to get a sense of the party and the venue, knowing when to play a particular track and how to pack the dance floor with party goers. Hiring a DJ does give that piece of mind if you choose a professional mobile disco service to cater for your needs. Choosing the right DJ can make or break your party, so at Hire for Parties we only employ the best mobile DJ’s who are capable of entertaining guests with their vast libraries of music, top quality new equipment, and extensive experience in providing excellent service. Our professional DJ’s take absolute pride in what they do, their love for their profession is unrivalled and there ambition to provide the best possible party comes naturally. If you’re in need of an entertainer for a party or wedding reception, hiring a DJ is a fantastic solution, and Hire for Parties’ DJ’s are the right choice for you. Leave the Disco to us, all you need now is the food and beverages!



Weddings are one of the most important occasions that you will ever experience, and having the right entertainment is a massively important factor in the success of the whole day. Hire for parties has a unique group of experienced professional Mobile DJ’s ready to fulfil the disco and entertainment for your whole wedding experience from the engagement party to your reception. Weddings can be an extremely stressful time for anyone organising an engagement party or wedding reception, so it is important to have an experienced, reliable and dedicated DJ for your event, and hire for parties can provide this for you. Our DJ’s come fully equipped with all of the necessary equipment including the PA, music, lighting and the all important microphones for reception speeches. For a more personal experience, you can speak directly to our DJ’s by phone and specify exactly your entertainment requirements for your wedding day. The Hire for Parties professional DJ hire service is sure to make your special day that bit more special.


Birthdays are a time of celebration, and what better way to celebrate than to have the traditional Birthday Party. No party would be complete without the disco, and hire for parties can provide the DJ to make your disco as memorable as possible. Our mobile DJ’s have entertained guests at parties across London and Essex with great success for many years, so you’re sure to have a spectacular time in the hands of an experienced Disc Jockey. Our DJ’s are professionals who take pride in their business, and can tailor your entertainment to your liking with a range of different disco equipment for all of the necessary applications. Above all, our DJs will play the music that you want to hear, and with music collections consisting of thousands of tracks from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and today, we will have some of your favourite tracks for your party night in our extensive library. By far, hiring a DJ from hire for parties is the best choice for your Birthday Party.

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