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LD Systems Dave 12 G2

The LD Systems DAVE 12 G2 is the perfect active PA system for a variety of occasions. A 12″ bass reflex subwoofer and the satellites with 6.5″ drivers and HF horns ensure a good sound with driving, defined bass, natural mids, and clear treble.

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LD 12″ Active Speakers

This powerful loudspeaker was designed for live applications, both as a full-range solution as well as in combination with a subwoofer. The bi-amp amplifier section delivers an output of 1000 W Peak and a sound pressure level of 122 dB (max.).

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QTX PA System

All-in-one Portable PA on wheels with 2 wireless handheld microphones, 15″ 100w. Self-contained portable PA. Built-in amplifier operating from mains or internal re-chargeable battery powering a 15″ main driver and compression driven horn unit. A pair of VHF handheld wireless microphones (UK licence free) are included and the radio receiver is built into the mixer/amp section at the rear, with 2 extra mic inputs (with echo), auxiliary line input (twin phono (RCA) and USB/SD media player.

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15 Inch Active Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker hire for home parties is now more popular than ever due to technology updates given the user full control over the system. The PD415 is a 15 inch active loudspeaker that connects wireless to any bluetooth device so you can stream audio from sites such as Spotify and iTunes. The speakers itself is perfect from function that requires some background sound, or to play music for a small party. For larger events you can connect multiple speakers together to distribute the sound more evenly and add that all important bass!

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Active Subwoofer

There are occassions where your normal full range speakers just don’t have the base response you need for a big gig or party, and so the option is to either buy or hire a subwoofer. Renting a sub is definately the cheapest option and gives you the best bass for your buck, and with our subwoofers being Active, you can simply connect within your existing system to add that vital extra bass. With 700w of power and a very low frequency response, this LD subwoofer is the perfect partner to any full range sound system.

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What speakers do I need for my party?

What are speaker watts and why do they matter?

We need to beat a few myths when it comes to wattage. Despite popular belief, wattage doesn’t necessarily define how well a speaker is going to perform or how loud the output is. The power rating of a loudspeaker is how much power is required (in watts) to drive the woofers of the speaker: and it could turn out that for a cheap woofer there’s a lot more power needed to make it perform to expectation.

An RMS power is the amount of watts the speaker needs to perform constantly & consistantly. The maximum power is the amount of watts it takes to perform at loud volumes, heavy bass drops or any increased pressure and stimulation to the woofer.

You get speakers that will proclaim they are “5000W, very powerful!”, and its more than likely that 1) this isn’t the power output at all and 2) it can require 5000W to power for 1 second of blasting before blowing the driver to smithereens. Don’t fall for it: high wattage isn’t a good decider when it comes to choosing the best PA speakers. If you want loud: there are other specifications you can look out for.

What makes the loudest speakers?

There is a measure for loudness but it isn’t wattage. dB or decibels is a universal measure for loudness and most speakers can get above 80dB at high volumes. You know if you’re listening to something above 85dB because it’s difficult to hear conversation above the volume of the speakers, and anything above 140dB is going to instantly damage your eardrums.

So if you ever see a speaker claiming to be 140dB or over: it’s not going to be true! Even a claimed 120dB speaker is comparing to a jet engine, and even though large rock concerts add up to about this amount; there is no way a single speaker can match 120dB!

We will be able to advise you about which speakers have the best specs for your application.

Should I hire active or passive speakers?

With active speakers, they plug directly into the mains and can operate on their own or in a pair. The pros for active is that you do not need to worry about overloading the system by using the wrong amplifier: the amp is already in the system and just needs switching on at the mains.

Passive speakers are a lot more work, but can be better for larger PA systems. The reason being is that you can power many speakers off a power amp, or amps; and you can get a pretty loud sound system say for outdoor events, large halls and gigs.

We will be able to give advice and recommendations over the phone on what is best to match the acoustics of your venue, your application and crowd size.

What are the best speaker brands to hire?

We have a selection on noteable speaker & sound brands for hire, and two of our most recent additions are the dB Technologies 15″ active cabs and Mackie SRM450 active speakers for hire. The SRM series deserves an honorable mention, being popular for is strong construction, precision sound and giving bass without linking a sub. If you’re big on bass, however; the dB Technologies speakers are also a great option for big bass.

Do you have portable PA speakers for hire?

Yes – we have the QTX Sound portable PA system for hire, which comes on caster wheels with telescopic transport handle, two wireless handheld microphones and controller for the on-board USB MP3 player. This is better for outdoor PA for gazebo parties or a portable karaoke system for marqueesm festivals and fetes.




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