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Coat Rails

If you are expecting a lot of guests for your party, they are not going to dance with their coats.....

Red Carpet

Your party guests deserve the VIP treatment, and what better than to have them walking across the red carpet to.....

Rope & Post

Ideal for crowd control or just to look swish with a red carpet, we offer rope & post hire for.....


Stuck for catering ideas? A popular summertime favourite, a BBQ is a great way to generate a buzz for your.....


Parasols are huge for the hot summer months and provide cover and shade for your guests when the thermostat tops.....

Catering Urns

We offer catering urns for hire to provide your party guests with hot drinks & refreshments. The catering urn is.....

Patio Heater

You’re not always going to want to stay inside in the winter, and why should you? With a patio heater.....

Air Conditioner

Air conditioning doesn’t come cheap, so there are a lot of small venues or halls which do not have air.....

Power Fan

A slightly cheaper alternative to air conditioning, power fans are an excellent feat for keeping guests and equipment cool when.....

Indoor Heater

Hire indoor heaters for your venue and keep your guests happy. Some older buildings, halls and non-insulated or heated venues.....

Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning up and preparing for your party isn’t the best part of the night, but it has to run smoothly......

Power Generator

Hire power generators for outdoor events, gazebo parties and garden parties to power DJ equipment, lighting and heavy duty PA.....

LED Furniture

Something a little different for your seating arrangements, we offer colourful LED furniture for hire. The colours of the chairs.....

Lectern Hire

This high tech, high quality and high demand product is perfect for many PA based applications. Eliminate the need to.....

Tensa Barrier Hire

Ensure you are in control of your guests and prevent chaos with our selection of Tensa Barriers. Coming with various.....

Tassimo Machine Hire

Want to ease the work load of making coffees for all of your guests? Then hire one of our Tassimo.....

Easel Hire

Want to get those creative juices flowing? Our easels can hold boards and canvasses up to 140cm in height, so.....

Party Shop

A one stop shop for party essentials; we provide a selection of tableware, catering solutions and bar ware for your.....

Event Accessories

Luxuries & VIP Lounges

Red carpet & rope hire

Add a touch of class to your event by rolling out the red carpet for your guests. The luxurious look and feel of our red carpets will give that real VIP feel for weddings, school proms, graduation ceremonies and film-themed parties. You can use the red carpet indoors or outdoors; although when using outdoors, we recommend them to be placed on solid, even ground that is undercover from bad weather.

Perfect for getting down the VIP factor, a red carpet can also be accompanied by luxury rope and golden post railings, or are a great addition when having crowd control for particular sections of your venue. Or just to simply give everything that expensive prestige feel to get the excitement kicking up before your guests have even entered through the doors.

If you want to get a real hollywood theme for your party, consider using uplighters (or PAR cans) to get spotlights on the red carpet. With the cans you can get whichever colour you like, or have white and colour changing lighting.

LED chairs & tables

If you have a bar at your venue, our LED furniture is a swish and sophisticated option for providing seating for your guests. Our attractive LED chairs and bar tables have lights ready built at the base of the furniture, so they will stand out in a dark venue and light up a marquee or gazebo. If you are considering having a VIP lounge for your event, this furniture will not fail to impress.

The furniture also has built-in speakers and everything can be controlled wirelessly via a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. For weddings, the seats could be change to blue and cut off sound for the cutting of the cake; and could be pink during the first dance. This cool and elegant touch could be exactly what is missing from your event or party.

Cloakroom coat rails

“Where do I put my stuff?” is one of the biggest questions for any event: coats and bags are awkward to carry and an annoyance to remain responsible for throughout the night. Consider having a designated cloakroom or area where your guests can store their coats until its house lights up. Our coat rails can come with hangers or without if you prefer, and are a suitable practicality which can save your guests from grumbling during the night.

Keeping cool for summer


Similar to a summer awning or gazebo, a portable parasol is an inexpensive way of providing a nice bit of a shade for summer parties. Spanning wide areas and standing alone or through tables (with a parasol hole which is pararell to the ground), you can give your guests or food suitable shade and cover from direct sunlight.

A parasol opens out easily like an umbrella and locks into place giving a secure fixture from prevailing wind and unsettled conditions. The parasol is very unlikely to move from its position with a secure, heavy-weighted base and strong fixtures.

Power Fans

We offer industrial fan hire to create a pleasant and fresh atmosphere within your venue, especially for those that are small and do not have much natural ventilation. Using lots of PA equipment can kick out a lot of heat: using power fans for cooling the area around the PA isn’t essential but it can keep the guests happier. Less expensive way of cooling the venue; whether that be for events, marquees, shops or offices.

The fan is not too noisy and will not cover the music whilst running. Keep away the sultry summer heat by renting a cooling fan without forking out the bucks.

Air Conditioning

An air conditioned room or party venue in the summer months is a godsend. There is one thing you will not want for an indoor summer party: and that’s your guests coming in from outside and complaining that it’s hotter. Hiring a compact air conditioner unit may save a lot of discomfort in the long run, and with prices evapourating down the cost of purchasing air conditioning; its a great little extra you may have overlooked as being too costly.

It doesn’t cost much to hire an air conditioner from us and will keep the humidity down: perfect for getting energy levels up and guests swarming to the dance floor.

Staying warm in winter

Patio Heaters

We still want to get out and about in the winter, and most pubs, nighclubs and restaurants recognise this by providing outdoor heating for events. If you want to provide an outdoor smoking area for your party, or want a pleasantly toasty patio for observing firework displays or simply to enjoy the outdoors during a party; then it doesn’t cost a bundle to hire an outdoor heater.

Our patio heaters require mains power supply to operate and that’s it. They are large enough for warming up a gazebo, garden patio or decking as the heat travels surprisingly far. Have a marquee for a wedding party or event? Consider hiring a power generator to power your outdoor heaters and electronic equipment.

Indoor Heaters

Small but mighty: our indoor heaters provide a cosy atmosphere for guests around the bar or within a small venue. An indoor heat will alleviate drafty venues or provide a comfortable seating area for guests. These are great for small bars and halls where the tempreature is renowned for plummeting during the winter.

Catering & Refreshments


There’s nothing better to get their mouths watering than a coal fired BBQ. With our barbeque hire, you can have the pits sizzling to swarm the summertime with tastey aromas, sounds and bites. A favourite for a mini festival, charity events, summer fetes, garden parties and gazebo parties: our barbeques come with something, something else and something else.

Catering Urn

We offer catering urns for hire to provide your party guests with hot drinks & refreshments. The catering urn is plugged into the mains and instantly heats the water from the pump: keeping the water inside consistently hot throughout your party. Whether you’re expecting nine guests or ninety: the hot water dispenser is a stress-free and safe way of having hot drink facilities.

Ideal if you are having an outdoor party, marquee or gazebo tent providing refreshments. Also great for offices, buffet tables and summer fetes.

Tassimo Machine

There is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of a coffee, and what with the popularity of the Tassimo machines in recent years we now provide Tassimo coffee machine hire. Give a great selection of fresh coffee for your guests: including espresso, latte, mocha and Twinings classic english breakfast tea. For those who have never used one of these before, they are very easy to use. Just fill up the water tank, slip in the pod and press go. Great coffee in seconds!

Party Shop

Every party needs these essentials. Disposable tableware, plastic cutlery and serving platters is the basic supply for any corporate event, outdoor catering, birthday party or buffet table.  Our party shop offers you the chance to buy party supplies at lower prices than heading to the shops.
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