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Alto ZMX164 FX USB This 16 channel PA mixer is perfect for larger functions and bands, and come complete with.....


Wharfedale DM2 The DM2.0 is a hand held dynamic microphone featuring a super-cardioid pattern to minimize feedback and effectively reject.....

Smoke Machines

Compact Hurrican The compact Hurricane™ Series Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which CHAUVET® is known. The F700.....

Speaker Stands

Ekho Speaker Stand A pair of high quality, compact, standard tripod column stands made of magnesium from Ekho, it has.....

Star Cloth Hire

Star Cloth 1x2m This star cloth measures 1×2 metres making it ideal for covering equipment and DJ stands, to create.....

Confetti Shooter Hire

Dazzle your guests by showering them with confetti and paper streamers. Our Confetti shooters will propel confetti over 12 metres.....

Bubble Machine Hire

This powerful bubble machine has double wheels and dual blowerfans, meaning large quantities of bubbly fun for a number of.....

Party Table Hire

Poser Cocktail Table with Scrim So you have your sound system, decorations, some nice lights, food, a venue and some.....


Got your lighting or a hire package, but needing some additional extras? We are all about customising your party down to the definitive details, and with our range of entertainment systems, additional speakers for PA, games, extra party effects & more; you can build on what you already have or grab some ideas for possibilities.

Getting good music for your party and finding a decent PA system is one thing, but there are so many different ways you can embellish your venue to get that all-important buzzing party atmosphere. We offer mixer hire, microphone hire, entertainment system hire, games console hire, smoke & bubble machine hire and pyrotechnics equipment hire.

Extra PA Equipment


It’s more than likely that you will need PA for any event, and we offer a careful selection of PA loudspeakers for rent and offer a service to set up the PA to get it running to your specification. Call us in store for advice on getting the best speakers for your event: we take into consideration the size of your venue, the acoustics of the venue, the type of event you are hosting, what you are using the PA for (speech, music, karaoke, band PA?) and how many guests you are expecting to come. Combining each of these factors, we can designate the best speaker system catered especially for you & your party.


Depending on what you are needing the microphone for (karaoke, speech, vocalists?), we have wired microphone hire to plug straight into your PA system and get going in seconds. We have professional vocal microphones in our stock for hire and will test the mic for any hindrances, frequency feedback and noise before the event. We provide a full hire service with set up included, and will check that all the equipment is set up properly and safely before the event begins.

DJ Mixers

If you are running a DJ set for a party and need a mixer, choose from our Numark DJ mixers available for hire: including the Numark C2 5-channel 5-band EQ mixer and Numark iCDMix3 CD player, iPod dock & jog wheel mixer. The iCDMix3 is great if you have a stash of CDs ready to mix or want to use your iPod & iPhone playlists to deconstruct, mash together and create a whole new sound experience for your party and your guests.

Whether you are an experienced DJ with sound equipment of your own or a beginner with little knowledge of the technical know-how, our technical team are on hand to walk you through how to operate the mixer and get that party sound you’re after.

Special Effects


We offer pyrotechnics for your party to go out with a bang! There’s only so much wow factor you can get from lighting: it creates the mood and covers the dance floor, but what about for a special occasion when you really want to amaze your guests with stunning special effects? Pyrotechnics are essentially fireworks, explosions, coloured smokes or glittery cannons which can make a meaningful memory for any celebration: a first dance, cutting of the cake, a birthday entrance, for live music at your party.

Pyrotechnics could be what separates a great party into an epic one. All of the equipment you need for firing pyrotechnics is available for hire, and we also provide any effects cartridges you choose and include them in the overall price. We offer Le Maitre pyrotechnics for hire.

Confetti Shooters

Launch coloured glitter, confetti and streamers for celebrations using confetti shooters. The fallout creates stunning mid-air glitter and confetti that spirals slowly to the ground, and can instantly fill a party room or venue with metallic shards & coloured paper. We have the equipment needed for confetti shooters for hire and a selection of different colours, glitters, types of confetti and large or small cannons. Call us for more details!

Bubble Machines

Lots of bubbles are fun for kids and adults alike, and a bubble machine can generate thousands and thousands of bubble fun for your parties and events. When under cover a bubble machine is great to use outdoors in the summertime, but can be fun indoors as well when ensuring your dance floor is not a slippery surface that could get wet with the residue.

Combine with other effects to get an energetic, interactive party atmosphere and to drag people out to your dance floor when the guests are being shy. Use for your gazebo party to fill your wedding reception or birthday party with a high output of wonderful, floating bubbles!

Dry Ice Machines

Favoured by wedding DJs and the bride! A dry ice machine is like dancing on a cloud, and all it needs is plenty of smoke fluid to run. Paired with lighting effects, a dry ice machine (sometimes known as a low-lying fog machine) can illuminate the dance floor or spill off the stage.

The Le Maitre Freezefog pro is a professional stage effect unit, designed to chug out emissions of fog at a controllable rate: lingering for as long as you like and disappearing quicker than you would expect. We recommend a dry ice machine for Frozen parties as well, to give your Queen Elsa entrance that ultimate ice queen atmosphere!

Star Cloth

Run the back of the DJ booth with an LED star cloth to create a magical, more sophisticated feel to your set. The star cloth is a great way of hiding DJ equipment and cables behind your booth, to alleviate clutter and keep things looking clean and professional. We offer 1m x 2m stretch of star cloth which is fitted with 40 LED lights which can change colour to suit the mood of the party, or be controlled to change colour during different songs & sets using the remote control. Most DJ stands and frames are built to hang the star cloth, but give us a call if you need more advice & recommendations on how to get the best out of the effect.


Game Consoles

Entertain your party guests with the latest in computer entertainment systems. By renting a games console you will save money if you are not a frequent gamer and don’t want to be dishing out a large sum for something that you yourself will rarely use.

We offer the latest games consoles XBOX one and PS4, and also their previous generation XBOX 360 and PS3 with a wide selection of games available to rent as well. We also have the Nintendo Wii to hire for more interactive, family gaming. With rent prices starting at just £39, it’s a great system to turn on for a mirage of different entertainment needs: including movie sessions, gaming and home movie playback.

Blu-Ray Player

Love films and showing off the surround sound system? We offer blu-ray player hire for film fanatics to whack on their best-loved flicks at parties and gatherings. Or perhaps you are having a wedding party or birthday party and need a projector for playing memories & home movies of times past. Use the blu-ray player to play BD-RE discs and blu-ray discs of recordings, photo playlists for a running of photos throughout the night and films. We also have HD screens for hire, call us for more details.

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