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Smoke Machines


Compact Hurrican

The compact Hurricane™ Series Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which CHAUVET® is known. The F700 comes with a generous-capacity tank (0.6 litres) and quick heat up of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes.

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Ibiza 800W Smoke Machine

At one touch of a button a thick fog will consume the area adding masses of effect to your lights or simply creating an eerie atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Unlike some of the cheaper products on the market this machine contains a temperature controlled heating element, so you can rest assured that you’re not going to be left stranded half way through the night with a machine that has failed.

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Chauvet 1300W Hurrican

The Chauvet Hurricane 1300 fog machine provides quality, performance and innovation for which Chauvet is known. The H1300 comes complete with a wired remote control, a huge 3.3 litre tank capacity and takes only 5 minutes to heat up water based fluid and fill a venue within minutes. This machine has an approximate output of 20,000 cubic feet per minute.

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Beamz Smoke & Bubble Machine

The SB 2000 is a new technology, high quality bubble machine which filles the bubbles with smoke as they’re made resulting in hundreds of tiny orbs floating around the room. Bubble machine hire is particular popular at weddings, birthday parties and events, and the SB2000 from Beamz not only produces huge quantities of bubbles, but also add’s smoke and LED lighting to the mix creating a truly unique effect. If you are planning on renting a bubble machine then this really could be the choice for you.

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Beamz S700 Smoke Machine

Hiring a smoke machine is a great compliment to any lights, and acts as a great tool to wow your guests. This 700w machine from Beamz is a great additon to our lighting packages and comes complete with fluid and remote ready for use.
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Beamz S1200 Smoke Machine

The Beamz s1200 smoke machine is perfect for filling large venues at a fast rate, blasting smoke 5 metres from the nozzle of the machine. You should hire a smoke machine where venues will allow to really bring out the lighting effects, and to create a a real party atmosphere for your guests.

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