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Party Lighting Packages

Adding lighting to your Hire system can be a great way to build the party atmosphere and create more of.....

LED Uplighters & Washlights

12► What are LED Uplighters? Uplighters are used to wash an entire wall, ceiling or floor with colour, and until.....


4Play The 4PLAY™ provides a ready-to-go light bar for the entertainer on thego. The bar is fitted with four LED.....

Laser Lighting

Ekho Goblin The GOBLIN is the ultimate professional RGB laser light from Ekho, with a large array of colours and.....

Tripod Lighting Stands

Ekho Lighting Stand A professional, very stable tripod lighting stand from Ekho, with double reinforced legs for a set of.....

UV Lighting Hire

UV Lighting is an essential tool for setting a mood and creating atmosphere for themed events, These are compact and.....

Moving Heads

Beamz MHL-108 Single This 12 channel LED, DMX compatible lighting unit produces a colourful wash effect with a number of.....

Lighting Equipment

Adding lighting to your hire system can be a great way to build the party atmosphere and create more of a show for the guests. Lighting also has the added benefit of brightening up a room without turning on your normal lights, and the various splashes of colour are great for a range of different events from children’s parties right up to discos and raves. Our products include the latest in LED and laser technology and are regularly used by professional DJs and nightclubs. For an added experience you could even hire a smoke machine for the ultimate WOW factor.

What is the best lighting to use for a party?

All disco lights are best for parties, although they can sometimes be referred to as DJ lights and can be branched off onto the various effects they can perform. The best for a party? A good mixture is always best. Lasers with LED lights is what most UK nightclubs use for their lights, and wedding DJs favour the lasers because they look like glitter and show up well on a wedding dress.

What types of LED disco lights are there available for hire?

We have a range of different effects available for parties, and depending on what your event is, there’s a few different routes you can take to getting the best. We have LED uplighters which are best for lighting up the venue itself and creating mood: chilled out, romantic, fun & lively; a simple PAR can uplighter package can transform any room to a proper party venue.

For the dance floor: try spotlights, moving heads, lasers and projector lighting. This is where light patterns come into play. We also have strobes and UV lights for a proper rave style, underground nightclub effect.

How do they work?

All of our light systems are plug and play. All of the lights can be switched either to auto or sound activated modes, and some are DMX. Sound-to-light, sound activated or music sensitive mode (all these three are the same thing) is a great way to have the music pumping and the lights keeping up to the tempo and the beat.

What is DMX and how do I use it?

You can control a light the way you want it to perform, and this control is called DMX. DMX uses channels which are assigned to a particular effect per channel, you will need a DMX controller or DMX software on a laptop / computer to operate them. Using this you can tell the light exactly what you want it to do, can create lighting sequences and can control lots of lights to perform together.

Slide one channel (Red) up to full using the slider, and it’s bright red. Slide the second channel (Blue) up to full at the same time, and you got bright magenta. Slide red further down and you get purples. This is the best way to operate uplighters if you want the colours to change frequently throughout the night. For more advice on DMX operation, call our technical team.

Do the lights get hot?

LEDs do not get hot, and that’s what is the brilliant thing about them. That’s why most lighting systems are switching from bulb to LED for constant performance and brightness: for example traffic lights and car headlights. No LED light will be hot to the touch, and its perfectly safe around children, to be underneath drapes and near backdrops.

Are they safe to use for kids parties?

Yes – and this is why LED lights are better. Kids can frolic around, get lively and excitable around pretty lighting equipment. If they were to touch the LEDs they would not get injured, and they are perfectly safe breathing in smoke from smoke machines, but your venue should always be lightly ventilated anyway to prevent excessive build-ups.

What lights can I use for halloween parties?

We recommend UV lighting and projector lighting such as strobes. UV (ultraviolet) creates a glowing effect, and if you have white clothes, props or costumes near a UV light they glow instantly. Any light or bright neon / fluorescent clothing is UV reactive and stands out against dark colours.

What can I do with lighting effects?

Light up a venue, the dance floor and your furniture, if you like. Lights can cast patterns on the floor, can flash, strobe or fade out; RGB lights can change colour and lasers can generate more solid patterns and can create some amazing 3D spinning shape effects. You can light up parts of your venue and make it inviting for guests (using uplighters) and change the colour of your venue completely!

How do I get moving or rotating lights?

A moving head light is what you will need! If you want a light to sweep over the dance floor, over walls and ceilings then going for a moving head will give you just that. Some moving head projectors cast shapes using GOBOs, or can be used to rotate a uniform colour spotlight for your venue.

How do I light a gazebo party?

We know in the UK we like gazebos and not just in the summer months: with outdoor heaters a gazebo party keeps nice and snug for the winter months. What better to have a gazebo party with a fireworks display, or have a wedding reception in an outdoor gazebo? In some ways, they light up a lot better than venues, and the best way to change the colour of your gazebo is using uplighters. For a small square gazebo, perhaps about 8 or so PAR cans would give you a bright, uniform colour of your preference. Or it can change colour through the night!

How do I get a spotlight effect?

We’ve all been to nightclubs and seen live shows where spotlights are used. By a spotlight, we mean a strong, mid-air beam that can be seen from the light itself to the floor. Contrary to popular belief: you don’t need a super-powerful, ultra-bright light to do this, you just need a haze machine or a smoke machine. This is what all live music venues use, all clubs and theatres.

Haze is better when you don’t want the entire atmosphere to be dense or visible with smoke: so for shows & gigs you can still see the stage. Fog & smoke machines are better for parties, as generally the fog effect makes a great party atmosphere!

What does a smoke machine do?

A smoke machine (or fog machine), uses fluid to heat up quickly and disperse it in a smoke form. You just use the fluid to fill up the tank and it takes a few minutes before its ready. DJs favor the smoke for their sets and wedding DJs love it for the romantic effect it has for a first dance. Use a fog machine with LED lights and lasers to get the best lighting effect!

What is the cheapest disco lighting to hire for parties?

If you are looking for a mixture of everything: lights, laser and fog machine, then our lighting packages are the cheapest way of affording all three. PAR cans are relatively cheap to hire as they come in multiples for changing the colour of your venue.

What do you need to set them up?

If you have a few different lights, you may want to consider hiring a lighting stand or T bar. To set your lights to automatic or sound activated modes, there will be a switch on the unit to allow you to change the settings. If you want to operate your lights in DMX mode, you will need a controller or controller software and DMX cables to connect to the controller and if you are daisy chaining lights together. We offer a complete set up service, or you can choose dry hire or delivery without set up included.

How do I get different patterns?

If you want your lights to project different patterns, then going for a moonflower, headflower or laser will do just the job. DJs often combine LED moonflowers or derby effect lights with firefly or 3D effect lasers.

How do I get different colours?

Easy! For RGB (red, green, blue) LED lights, these colours mix together to create other colours (magenta, cyan, yellow), and with DMX you can achieve more intricate colour effects (purples, oranges, etc). For lasers, they come with different colours already built in. Some are RGB, some are only green, some are red & green, etc, or some can have colour mixes depending on whether they are analogue or TTL.

What lighting brands are available for hire?

We love offering the best brands for professional lighting, and our biggest lighting brand is Chauvet. We also stock Ekho, Beamz and QTX Light which are great party favourites.

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