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Kids Birthday Party

3A kids birthday party can take a little more structure and planning, as there can be unexpected chaos when the kids get fed up with one party game and want to move onto something else. The length of a kids party is dependant on their age group, obviously for younger children you would be only aiming towards a length of 1 – 2 hours. Unfortunately you are pretty limited to having a kids party on a weekend: having it after school on a weekday may have the kids tiring out and groggy for school the next day, so it is more suitable to have it on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

It’s clear what the aim is for any kids birthday party: make the birthday boy or girl feel special, and make sure their friends are happy. It may be better to have your child get more involved with the planning of their special day: by making decorations like paper chains, writing their own invitations or helping to bake a birthday cake can really make them feel proud and boastful of involvement! Allocate small time slots for each activity: party game one, blowing out the candles, party food time, party game two, opening the presents, party game three: each lasting about 15 minutes each and a little more for eating time.

Start planning about 6 – 5 weeks in advance, especially if you are booking a hall or planning on having a kids disco as you may need more hire equipment.


1) Decide on the venue

4This is an easy part to skip if you are having the party at home! For summer birthdays, a great idea is an outdoor gazebo party and buffet table; but otherwise you can rent small halls for very little money especially if they are booked before 6pm (evening slots). Typically a small hall for a 1pm – 5pm on a Saturday is almost half the price of having 6pm onwards.

You will be looking at £30 – £60 in the Essex area; although depending on your location this could be up to £100. Some venues grant access to kitchen facilities so you may be able to cook hot buffet food on site.

2) Confirm the date with child’s best friend

Ensure well in advance with your child’s best friend, or best friend’s parents that they are available for a particular date. Your child will be disappointed if their best friends can’t make their birthday party. It’s best to do this well in advance as you wouldn’t want to clash with any family holidays, etc.

3) Decide whether there will be a disco

If you are renting a hall or venue for the day and your child is celebrating a 8th – 11th birthday for example, you may consider having a disco for the kids. Any younger than this and they are less likely to appreciate it. You could ask a friend or parent, or otherwise supply the music yourself by hiring PA speakers; or hire a mobile DJ that has experience of doing kids discos. Ensure there is enough seating for every child if you are having a disco as they may use up all their energy!

4) Decide on a theme

5Maybe there is a cartoon or TV character that your kid loves, or a toy that they cannot live without, or a colour that they go mad for! You can get your child to decide what theme they want: if its a disney or cartoon theme; there are lots of pre-made decorations, paper cups, napkins, birthday cakes and balloons available to keep to the theme.

Maybe even change the colour of your venue to suit the theme using LED uplighters: the lights are not hot and are not dangerous with children frolicking around them.

Disney Princess, Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Despicable Me, Monster High, Hello Kitty, Rocker Girl

Transformers, Marvel Heros, How To Train Your Dragon, Monsters University, Toy Story, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles


1) Send out the invitations

Get a detailed list of your child’s school class and try to be generous with the invites: you wouldn’t want anyone being left out. Encourage your child to choose their own invitation design: you can buy paper invitations from WH Smith, Amazon, eBay or toy stores such as Toys R Us and Smyths. If they can write, they may prefer to get involved and write their own invites: or if they are too young, perhaps get them to stick stickers on the paper or envelopes.

2) Structure a plan of activities

Try to think what time the kids will be most active (at the beginning of the party) and when they will be more willing to sit down and eat. If they seem to be kicking up a huge amount of energy, maybe getting some organisation to the chaos with a party game (such as musical chairs) will give them more direction to channel their energy!


3) Decide on party games

If you are having an outdoor party, it may be better to have fun with the space that you have. For example hiring large outdoor games, organising teamed-base races (so less kids are singled out or feel like they are losing out) or having large inflatables. There are plenty of party games you can have indoors as well.

4) Decide on food and cake

You can have fun with making food with your kids, or during the party you could have a build-your-own mini pizza game or decorate your cupcake game. This is fun for kids to get involved in, and also encourages the fussy eaters to eat something at the party.


1) Buy party supplies

Make sure you’re stocked up on paper plates, napkins, straws, decorations, birthday balloons, streamers, party poppers, buffet table cloths: and also any small toys and sweets you can think of to put in a take away party bag for the kids.


1) Make the cake

A simple birthday cake with roll-out fondant icing is quite easy to make and leaves a canvas for whatever decoration you wish. If you buy plastic cake carving tools you and your kids can enjoy cutting out shapes such as balloons, letters and stars. Making a basic victoria sponge cake with coloured fondant icing is a great birthday classic!

2) Buy the food

It’s easy to stick to a budget when shopping for party food. A lot of supermarkets offer a scanning system which allows you to keep track of the cost as you shop. If you want to save more time and fuss over making food yourself, frozen food is the best way to go. You can buy frozen party platters which are healthy and fun for kids.


PARTYSHOPMake sure the birthday girl or boy is clued up on manners & practice pleases and thank-yous. Your kid could get so warped in wearing the party crown that they can forget manners to their guests, especially when gift opening and saying goodbye at the end of the evening.

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