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Making a Venue Look Good

The venue you hired for the night is a blank canvas. It doesn’t want to be the hall that stages Karate Club: it needs to be a party venue, where the meaning behind the celebration takes off as soon as your guests enter the doors.

There are many different ways you can change the look of your venue: whether it’s a community hall, outdoor marquee or your own home. Make it unrecognizable to the party goers, and give meaning to the occasion. We delight in giving valuable suggestions for party decoration, mood lighting and other effects that will take the night to the next level.

1) Venue Lighting

“Pick a colour, any colour…”

1Getting the best lighting for your venue may seem tricky, especially if you are on a budget or have a large venue which leaves you with the question of: how many lights do I need? To change the colour of a venue, all you need are LED uplighters. A PAR can (or PAR38 LED, PAR64, etc) is a powerful uplighter. It will wash the walls and furniture of your venue with a beautiful, rich colour. With the house lights out and these taking charge: the venue will already start to look more like a fancy bar or nightclub.

For a hall size of approximately 20m x 20m, you will need approximately 10-15 PAR cans. Essentially, you’re going for one can per 3-4m of space. You can get any colour you want: the more popular colours being pinks and blues, or reds for wedding discos. Click here for our LED uplighter hire offers.

2) Smoke Machines

“The classic spot light effect & party atmosphere must…”

Got lighting for your venue? Good choice. But did you know that you can enhance your lighting effects even further by using a smoke machine? Try using one either with the disco or the venue in general. Lights look like spot lights shining down their coloured rays, and the fog effect holds in the air when frequently pumped out during the night.

The bride can dance on top of a cloud using a dry ice machine. These systems are powerful and hold dense, white clouds on the dance floor in a matter of seconds!

3) Decorations

“Deck the halls…”


Decorations come in many forms and vary in price. Making your own decorations can be fun and sometimes save money.

For any celebration or party: balloon displays or archways can look fantastic. You can use uplighters on balloon displays as well for a special, glowing look to bring out the decorations of your venue.

If the venue comes with furniture such as tables and chairs, you can customize the look of your dining tables using chair covers, chair ribbons and table displays. A table display can be anything: flower arrangements, feather displays, rose petals, confetti shapes or unique creations using fairy lights, uplighters, ornaments and candles.

If you have a bare wall that needs filling and just doesn’t look right, try this: using large fabrics or hangings to disguise walls, or having wall decorations and banners.

4) Red Carpet

“Giving the VIP treatment…”

A wedding, prom night or Hollywood themed birthday party may benefit from having a red carpet outside or inside the venue. Not only does it look slick & sophisticated, but it will be a point where your guests will treasure having their entrance picture taken. With the golden posts and classic red rope as well: everyone will instantly feel like a VIP.

5) Bubble, Foam & Snow Machines

“Dreaming of a white Christmas…”

A good look for any party is special effects. You can hire bubble machines or foam machines for a fun effect for children and adults alike. Get wild with a foam party, fun with bubbles and dazzled with realistic snow. If you are having a Christmas party, having a snow machine just outside (under cover) or inside can create a real winter wonderland effect. Snow machines are a festive season must, and snow machine hire doesn’t come at a great cost as you might assume.

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