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Planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Mazel Tov!

One of the largest events according to Jewish tradition is the becoming of age, or the B’nai Mitzvah and it’s to be celebrated in style! Most of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration stems around a theme: something that the teen loves or is crazy over, and from there comes many different ideas of how to design your party including decorations, games & entertainment, party favors & take-homes, music and activities. A successful B’nai Mitzvah party combines both traditional elements and party fun for all ages.


Hire for parties is here to give suggestions and insight into planning a Bat/Bar Mitzvah party; including ideas for themes, for schedules and how to make your son or daughter’s special day that extra bit memorable.

Decide on your venue and dates

Like any party, finding the best venue for a Mitzvah party comes at the top of your priority list. Ensure before deciding on a date that it doesn’t conflict with any Jewish holidays that year, such as Passover and Hanukkah; and if you are inviting guests from different religious backgrounds then bare in mind their holidays as well.

There are many different locations & hot spots in the UK which will make incredible Mitzvah venues such as stately homes, castles and London venues such as SkyLoft or Crowne Plaza.

Decide on a theme

No big party celebration is complete until you decide on a theme! This will be the basis of the design of your venue, the decorations and the lighting. There are many different theme ideas you can try that have amazing potential.

Powerhouse-Studios-00071-1024x682There are general themes that young teens would be interested in: for example a certain video game, fashion, chocolate and sweets (let’s face it – you never grow out of that), music, a certain band or singer they like, make-up and hair (beauty) or something that everyone will equally enjoy such as a carnival theme, hollywood & movies, Vegas theme, etc.

You can structure certain elements of the party abiding to the theme. For example, for an 80s theme party you could have a roller disco, or for a carnival theme you could hire carnival games such as ten-pin bowling or ring toss. Prizes from these games make great take-homes for the guests. Create a map of ideas based on a theme, and you will have the right starting point to planning your Bar or Bat Mitzvah party.

Hire entertainment, band and DJ

A live band is popular for Mitzvahs, particularly for the Hora dance. You may also want to hire a DJ for the open dancing / disco section of your party. The DJ will take care of the sound and the lighting for the disco, adhering to your theme and keeping the music to your specification.

Hire a professional photographer or hire a photo booth

Photobooth with curtain

Ever popular at parties and a great takeaway for the guests: having a photo booth for your party is a nice touch to have a collection of fun memories. If you prefer professional photos for the entrance, the hora and the candle lighting ceremony for example: it’s best to book your photographer well in advance (typically about 5-6 months).

Why not hire an easel to collect your photo montage? The guests can pin their photos on a decorated board for your son or daughter.

Hire other entertainment

Performers, kids entertainers, games, pampering and creative take-homes: entertainment will make up a lot of your party. B’nai Mitzvahs have been known to have beauty salons, manicure tables, make-up stations and make-your-own tables such as make your own chocolate, make your own decorated handbag, make your own perfume and so on.

Get equipment for a home video & photo montage

Projectors and projector screens are easily available for hire. Create a high definition video montage of home movies, memorable holidays, baby videos and more potentially embarrassing montages for the guest of honour!

Get an easel or other sign-in board

Having a sign in board is a great way of getting the guests to write a congratulations message to the birthday girl or boy. The board can be blank or a ballooned photo of the guest of honor; or it can be a pin board where guests can pin their messages to with a photo from the photo booth. Using an easel to support the board lets the guests get creative with their designs; using coloured pens, paints and cut-out shapes.

You can also use an easel to organise your table seating plan, or take from these ideas below of a way of using ornaments, party favors and decorations to design placement cards.


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