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Planning a Jewish Wedding

A traditional Jewish wedding ceremony and Seudah is the most celebrated day of one’s life: where any past mistakes are forgiven and a couple are joined for the sake of happiness and joy. Whether the wedding takes place in a Synagogue, outdoors under the stars or at a custom venue: there are ways of planning a successful wedding that maintains traditional elements and integrates some modern twists.

2Decide on the dates and venue

Check the year calendar to ensure that your wedding dates do not clash with important Jewish holidays, then book your venue for the wedding. Ensure to confirm with the Rabbi that he is available for this date.

What you may find with venues here in the UK: they may be less expensive to book on a Sunday, so if you are having the ceremony after the Sabbath then getting the perfect wedding party venue for less.

Book a DJ or band for the Seudah

You will need to ensure the availability of a DJ by booking way in advance. If you are looking for traditional Jewish music for the Hora dance or the entire Seudah, it may be an ideas to look to online forums or catch a recommendation from another Jewish couple. Modern mobile DJs are unlikely to know what is appropriate, so make it clear and give them direction. Any professional will adhere to guidelines and boundaries.

Wedding bands provide for religious and non-religious ceremonies, and some bands specialise in Jewish music and and traditional Israeli sets.

Consider hiring a Chuppah and wedding aisle runner

Renting a Chuppah is an easy and efficient way to have the iconic chuppah at an indoor or outdoor wedding. Customising a Chuppah is easy: all it takes is materials such as silk sheets, lace drapes, flowers and LED lighting for a stunning touch. You can also hire wedding aisle runners in traditional white. With white chair covers and flowers or pomanders you can get the perfect hire package which sings traditionalism and class.

3Getting the best out of the Chuppah

The chuppah is a beautiful tradition to the Jewish wedding, and there are ways of decorating the canopy that will make the ceremony both stunning and picturesque. A modern twist on the traditional Chuppah is using LED uplighters to change the colour of the hangings: particularly stunning if the wedding is taking place under the stars in the evening.

If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony, we have fireworks for sale and hire that will kick off the celebration after marriage. Have pyrotechnics with the smashing of the glass! Have pyrotechnics for the aisle runner or chuppah to send the

Hire seating, covers and sashes

The king and queen of the ceremony need decorative chairs to sit at the beginning of the ceremony, so consider chair hire for the special day. You can also hire chair covers and ribbons for the ceremony and the sit-down meal. With this service, you can really customise the overall look of your venue and give it a clean, celebratory feel and compliment table decorations, centerpieces and your theme.

Book a kosher caterer

4You can book a caterer that specialises in Kosher-only food, or have a mixture of both for non-Jewish and Jewish guests at your wedding. Most caterers supply hors d’oeuvres as well as full-course meals including desserts. As the meal will be a key element to your wedding party; it is best to ensure well in advance that these specialist caterers are available for your wedding date!

Enhance the dance with special effects

Celebrating a wedding is fun in itself, especially with the music, the mood and the dancing. But how about making the Seudah that much more special for everyone? Hire special effects machines like bubble machines, confetti & glitter shooters, smoke machines and dry ice machines. These can lift the mood instantly and get them to their feet!

Remember to follow us on Pinterest for more party ideas and wedding party ideas. Call us for more information on our hire services and what we can offer you for your special day.

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