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Planning a Wedding Anniversary

25th-Wedding-Anniversary-renewal-of-vowsWedding anniversary traditional and modern gift ideas, romantic getaways or throwing a special surprise party for your parents: celebrating a wedding anniversary is personal to the couple’s choices and can take some planning for large milestones. For example, a 25th, 40th or 50th wedding anniversary is traditionally seen as being a celebrated occasion with a particular symbol or gift behind the year of marriage.

Planning a great escape

When it comes to a wedding anniversary; it’s time to focus on yourselves as a couple and leave it all behind. Try thinking the year ahead when planning a great escape: there are some great locations for couples and come cultures that believe wedding anniversaries are ceremonious occasions (so you may get more than you bargained for!)

How about going somewhere different for your anniversary? Instead of going on a beach holiday with all the screaming kids around you: look more towards cruise holidays, city holidays, travel holidays and long haul flights for ten nights or two weeks. Try Eastern locations such as Thailand, Taiwan, Bali and other indonesian countries: you will find they are very humble, polite and will make you feel very welcome as a couple.

Planning a surprise anniversary party

If you find that your parents, grandparents or friends are not “overly fussed” about celebrating their anniversary this year or seem stuck for ideas themselves and are opting for a quiet night in: maybe you should shake things up with a big surprise!


Keeping things secret – Make it explicit to guests that this is a surprise party. It may seem obvious, but you can get those who love to gab and ruin the surprise. The best thing to do with loose lipped invitees is to tell their spouse or close relative to keep an eye on them, and perhaps come up with a signal or sign to stop them from talking!

Go with a theme – Use the table below for ideas on how to construct a good theme for a wedding anniversary party. If you are planning a silver, gold, ruby, coral or pearl wedding anniversary the colour scheme is already set. If you just want to create a romantic mood: try using LED uplighters.

The location – This is very important when it comes to the surprise. You could hold an anniversary party at a location nearby somewhere that the couple are likely to visit or at a home different to the couple’s. Perhaps say that you are all going to a fairly posh restaurant newly opened up, and drive them to the location that way (there are ways of getting them in the dress code as well!)

Stuck for gift ideas for your loved one?

Below is a table of both traditional and modern anniversary symbols, which can be the basis of your gift idea. Most still follow the traditional anniversary gifts, as most of us know that a golden wedding anniversary means 50 years of marriage.

Be creative with your gift idea: for a 1st wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is paper. Why not make a decorated photo album for your loved one, with a montage of the past year?


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