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Planning a Wedding

churchPlanning and executing the perfect wedding is important for everyone involved. Of course, every wedding rivals in being unique and special for the couple: but there is a few essentials that every wedding plan can follow.

Be prepared, be smart and schedule out your time from the announcement of engagement and the year following, and there is no way that you can go wrong. We bring to you some insightful advice on how to plan your special day.

Decide on your budget

First things first – discuss with your partner, in-laws and parents about budgets. Come up with a figure that will govern every aspect of your wedding reception. Wedding costs are high, typically costing around the £15,000 – £20,000 mark nowadays.

Find a way of financing your costs and get wedding insurance if possible, which protects you from financial mishaps that can happen along the way. Check out websites such as WedSafe, Protect My Wedding, Dreamsaver and get onto comparison sites to get the best deal.

A church wedding, wedding venue, registry office?

If you are having your wedding reception at a different venue to the ceremony, you will need to arrange transport for the bridal party to be taken to your party afterwards. Many modern weddings tie everything together in one place, and a registry office representative does the marriage.

receptionVisit reception venues and book as soon as possible

These venues will not hold dates forever, and this is why you need to act as soon as possible when it comes to booking our venue. If you have a general idea of a date, you can finalise the date as soon as the reception venue is booked. Then you can send a message out to all of your potential guests to save this date in their diaries until the official invitations arrive.

Decide on your guest numbers

Write a list of guests way in advance: this way you have an idea of numbers which will help the caterer and DJ. Make sure your important guests are informed of the date to keep it free, and then perhaps use social networking to group message your friends and other invitees. You can send out the official invitations later.

Book a caterer

Make sure you are booking these services approximately 7-8 months in advance. The sooner the better: specialist caterers are likely to be booked up during certain times of the year such as Christmas and summertime when the bulk of weddings take place.

Hire a wedding DJ

This is a very important part of your wedding reception: the disco. It’s going to be the main entertainment in the evening, and will give the bride and groom a chance to let their guests get on with things after a busy day. So you need a mobile DJ: one that listens to you. They should be flexible with music and wedding disco song choices; should not put in anything you don’t want to hear, avoid mic murmuring and take requests within reason.

djYou don’t want a push over DJ, but at the same time you won’t want a DJ who wants to play the MC. The great thing with booking a mobile DJ is that their services usually contain a lot of lighting & effects for your venue as well, and will be able to help out with every aspect of your party: not just the disco.

They should know where to take a backseat where necessary, but also be exciting enough to keep the dance floor alive and free of shyness. For information on our mobile DJ services, call us or visit here for more details of the service.

Decide on your colour scheme

This could be the same colour as the bride’s flowers or bouquet, or perhaps you want to go adventurous and have an entirely different theme for your wedding disco. This will give you a narrowed down choice of decorations for your venue. Ask your DJ or hire LED uplighters to change the colour of your venue. This will give the room ambience and mood for a night of fun and memories.

Decide on lighting and decorations for your venue

You may think this is quite high up on the list, but you need to be thinking about how your wedding reception is going to look, and this can take a bit of time. Consider hiring LED uplighters and mood lighting for the venue. This is a must for changing the look of your venue.

Consider flower arrangements, table centerpieces, place cards, chair covers and ribbons, drapes & hangings. Do you need a table display for the cake? A centerpiece for your buffet table? Make sure to visit your venue a couple of times after seeing it to get an idea of dimensions and what goes where.

Check whether you need any extras

Pyrotechnics – Fireworks, sparklers

Dry ice machines – For the first dance

Confetti & Glitter

Schedule out the reception

Decide how the reception is going to go, and if possible split it into several sections so you can better plan and make sure you have everything for each mini event. An example of a schedule would be: the entrance, cutting the cake, then speeches, the meal, first dance, the disco and exit. Give each section an estimated time frame, allowing a little extra for photographers to do their thing.

© Muriel Silva 2010Order your wedding cake

Traditionally a wedding cake is a rich fruit cake covered in marzipan and fondant icing, usually consisting of three tiers. The idea being that a fruit cake can be made weeks in advance and matures over time; lasting forever after. Nowadays you can get pretty much any wedding cake you like: any flavour, any style, and any shape. Some prefer madeira sponge or experimental flavour tiers such as banana & date, carrot & orange or red velvet.

Order flower arrangements and table displays

Sticking to your theme, order flowers and arrangements for the tables. There are lots of ideas for original and unique table centerpieces and decorations on sites like Pinterest, so don’t forget to follow us! Most wedding displays consist of traditional flower arrangements and candle light to make your wedding hall glow beautifully.

Book hairdressing & beauty appointments

You should be thinking about this about 3 – 4 months in advance. If you are hiring a hairdresser to do the brides & bridesmaids hair or beauty therapist for make-up, then you need to make sure they are available and willing to come to your home.

invitationsSend out invitations

1 – 2 months before is when you want to be sending out the invites. Keep track of numbers of confirmed guests when they RSVP.

Discuss music with the DJ

Chart hits, classics, rock n roll: what sort of music do you want for the wedding disco? What sort of music do you want to steer well away clear from? The DJ is there to listen to your ideas, and will confirm the general playlist. Remember: to prevent guests from requesting bad tastes, you need to speak up to your DJ first.

Confirm numbers and organise seating plan

Most people have trouble organising the seating plan for their wedding reception. You have to keep the families together, make sure the table in question is familiar with one another: it can take a while to finalise a seating arrangement that will keep everyone happy. You don’t want the quiet couple with the noisy cousins or the children on one table unless you want chaos.

Go enjoy yourself!

The hen and the stag night is a way of patting yourself on the back. A final well done for all the hard work you have put into planning, and a final chance to celebrate the next stage in your life.


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