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What else do I need for my event?

The sense of achievement when you come to the end of party planning, and the date draws closer: it can be quite euphoric. But what’s that niggling feeling at the back of the mind, saying that you may have missed something?

Having the best party isn’t about spending a lot of money; it’s about investing in some little extras that can take a celebration to the next level. You want people to remember it; to be screaming out on Facebook the next day about having a great night, and for everyone to have an experience: not just attending another party.

So, how can you get the best party experience across the board?

2Give your guests the best welcome

One thing that you find with parties in their hundreds: there isn’t enough time for the host to acknowledge everyone’s arrival. Your guests make your party after all, and you want to give them a reason for dressing up and paying a taxi to get there! Consider a few ways of alleviating this responsibility:

  1. Hire a red carpet and posts. Outside the venue or just inside: there’s nothing like taking a stroll down a red carpet. Even if your party doesn’t have a Hollywood / Film theme or is just smart-casual dress, these are bound to get another positive hit. Go even further and hire a photographer, or use LED uplighters and pyrotechnics to make any event feel like a VIP privilege.

  2. Hire an easel or sign-in board. Have your guests make a mark on your party: literally! Having an easel gives the guests an opportunity to write messages, pin their entrance photos or you can pin welcome messages to the board which the guests can collect.

  3. Inspire their senses. Firing up a barbecue, being abundant with decorations and special effects, having smoke machine fragrance: there is a psychology behind triggering all five senses upon arrival which gets your guests keen to let their hair down.

Keep your guests within their comfort zone

An awkward look at the dance floor, a couple feeling as though they are cooking up an excuse to leave: you will find that with most people it’s because they are out of their comfort zone. Try and think of the reasons why: it could be something very simple, such as the venue being too hot or too cold, or there being no where to confidently keep their belongings. Give these a try:

  1. Evaluate the temperature of the venue. A draughty hall in winter, a smoking area on a rainy, cold day; a stifling & sweaty venue with no air conditioning. You need to considering hiring the right temperature control equipment to keep guests from complaining. Hire a simple power fan or outdoor patio heater: they will credit you for it being cosier than their houses!

  2. Hire a coat rail and have a cloak room service. Very simple to run if you have a willing friend or family member, then hire a coat rail for guests to trust their belongings are kept safe. You wouldn’t want to spend an extra three hours at the end of the night trying to find a lost iPhone.

  3. Make sure there is enough seating. No one is going to be constantly on their feet, especially if they are in their day job! If the main element of your party is the disco, ensure there is an option of having seating available.

3Give them a reason to get the camera out

Sell the selfie, so to speak. The look of your venue will give them a reason to whack out the phone for a photo, and there are several ways you can do this. Have your venue scream a photo moment; perhaps by having a large decoration or a big side-event to your party, like a firework display.

  1. Give a personal touch to furniture. The furniture that you need for any party or event, and then there’s LED furniture. A bar area can look that much more inviting with glowing, colour-changing furniture for your party. Co-ordinating with your theme and giving your bar cocktails a mesmerising glow: it’s a perfect #cosmopolitan moment!

  2. Getting the best out of your theme. You can hire large props for your event, balloon displays or hire effects machines such as snow or bubbles.

4See them off with a gift and a memory

Even if you are too old for party bags, having a take-home for your guests is a great way to see them off. Even if it is a work party or wedding: having a way of saying “thanks for coming” will always be a hit afterwards. Consider something personalised as well: anything too generic may have the guests wishing they just left with a simple ‘goodbye’.

Stuck for party ideas? Follow us on Pinterest for collections on party decorations, accessories and theme ideas. Give us a bell if you are looking for more tips and advice on how to customise your event!


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